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Tony’s Truck Shades came about to solve a problem for myself and hopefully thousands of others who tailgate, and need some extra shade in their own space and over their truck! I was tired of being chased out of the space next to my truck. Here’s the usual scenario… I would set up my Easy-Up, chairs, table and barbeque, and get comfortable. The stadium police would roll up and inform us that we were only allowed to party and set up in one parking space. The space next to me with all my gear would be needed for additional game attendees. So with no place to set up and relax before the big game, my mind set to work. The idea of a shade structure, or canopy that would set up very easily over the bed of my truck was born! There is plenty of head room at 6 feet above the bed of the truck, 6’6” wide and now I have the canopy extending 2 feet beyond the back of the tailgate, when opened. More shade! Now when I set up my truck canopy, we have table and chairs in the back of my truck in the shade. We are in the comfort of our own vehicle. The barbeque is set up behind my truck without obstructing any other cars or invading anyone’s space. We are shielded from sun and rain! Let the fun begin!!